O burro

“The Old Testament tells a story about the prophet Balaam. He was on a misguided mission to curse someone when his donkey suddenly stopped on the road. No matter how hard the prophet kicked her, she would not budge. Without the donkey, Balaam could not carry out his deed. He proceeded to beat the donkey severely, apparently practicing the management style of ruling through fear and intimidation. Finally the donkey cried out, “Why are you beating me? Haven’t I served you faithfully all these years?” An angel spoke to Balaam and said, “You fool, quit beating her. Even she could see I was standing here. Your donkey just saved your life, for if you had carried out this mission you would have been killed. In fact, I would have killed you and let the donkey live .” The angel then left, and I can just imagine Balaam kissing the donkey all the way back to the stable. (…) Flat tires that keep us from catching a plane…missed appointments that cause a project’s delay..bankers who tell us no…all of these can be donkeys that are keeping us from endangering ourselves in ways we cannot see…”

Jones, Laurie Beth, “Jesus, CEO”


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